Rising Above The Darkness

Only the End Matters?

Why do we think only the end of the story matters? Ever stop yourself and think about that? We get consumed, we focus only on the end results. The final chapter. The happy ending. The answer to the prayer.

There is more to answered prayer than just your answer!

Why can we only think about the prayer being answered, and not the story between now and the answer. We rob the world of the glory of God, by skipping the story between. It’s like skipping to the end of a book and reading the last pages. You rob yourself of the richness of the story and all the details.

And those chapters between the beginning and the end are filled with joys and sorrows. Stories and tales. Dramas and comedies. Dialogues and Narratives. Characters entering and exiting. Life and death. Dance and Music. Silliness and seriousness. Pain and healing. Good and evil.

Every ounce of ink, not just the last period, belongs to God.

Every detail of the story from the introduction to the conclusion and everything in between belongs to Him. The point of the story is not the last period at the end of the book. But all the ink, all the letters, all the blank spaces from beginning to end.