Rising Above The Darkness

Base Not Peak

If you stop and look at your life as it stands right now. Are you at the highest point? Are you at the lowest point?

Are you at the base or the peak of your life?

'This the best time of your life! It’s so amazing that it couldn’t get any better!?'

'This the worst time in your life! It couldn’t possibly get any worse!?'

'This the best time of your life! And even better days ahead!'

'This the worst time of your life! And nothing but more darkness in front of you?'

Of course there are other scenarios. Pretty common ones really since most people are not at the best time of their life, nor are they at the worst time of their life either.

'This isn’t the best time, nor the worst time really. It’s just blah. I hope things get better though.'

'It’s pretty normal, pretty status quo for my life right now. And I don’t see things getting any better anytime soon either.'

'Life is just meh right now, things will get better though!'

'Ugh, I don’t even know and frankly it wouldn’t surprise me if it got worse..'

Now what if I told you none of those are relevant when you walk with God? Now don’t get me wrong, all of those can be true and reality. In fact everyone can relate to one version or another of those statements.

Just because they are true, doesn’t make them relevant though.

Reason being is that all of the above statements are focusing on the world today, life as it stands today. Not the hope of tomorrow that Christ puts in our hearts. To be clear, I am not talking about the hope of eternity in the presence of God here.

Doesn’t matter if this is the highest point in your life, the lowest point or anywhere in between. When you have God in your life everything that has already happened is part of His plan to use you in the days ahead. It may have been good stuff, it might have been horrible stuff. Either way God will use it for glorious things in the future.

The Lord wants and plans to use my yesterdays for His glory tomorrow.

However the enemy of God would like me to believe I have reached the peak, the pinnacle, the end of what God has planned and done for me. So that I would stop trying, stop listening, stop hoping… and break.

Today is the foundation of tomorrow. Tomorrow is the foundation for the day after. I am not at the highest point, but rather I am at the beginning. Each new day is a new beginning through the simple truth that God loves us. We all know God loves us, and that His will is to prosper us. Yet we look at today as if nothing will be better tomorrow. We say ‘God wants to prosper me’ but we say things in our heads like ‘I won’t have happiness’ or ‘Things won’t get better’ or ‘God can’t use me anymore’.

Just because we understand His Word intellectually doesn’t mean we have a clue what it means inside us, in our hearts, in our spirit, in our thoughts.

At this point you might be like ‘That’s all fine and dandy, but...’

But how do I change!?

How do I believe that today is a new beginning?!

And what does believing even look like!?

How do I live like God loves me?!

What do I do!?

And don’t just say ‘pray about it’ or i’ll...

heh, well you certainly do need to pray about it. Can’t feel God’s love if you don’t have a relationship with him. And you can’t really have a relationship with him if you don’t talk to him.

Truth is, the answer is both simple and difficult. It’s simple, you just have to change the words that fly around in your head. ‘Self talk’ as many refer to it. But it’s difficult because it takes more than just being positive or looking at things like God does. It also requires you to stop yourself when you start thinking those lies, have to rebuke yourself when you reinforce and reiterate the lies being whispered from the darkness. This is what standing firm on the Word of God is like.

When your brain says: ‘Things aren’t going to get any bet...’

Stop yourself and say to yourself:

God’s plans are to prosper me, which means this is only temporary!

When you think to yourself: ‘How could He use me for… anyth...’

Stop yourself. No really, literally stop your thinking and say to yourself:

God is not prevented or stopped by anything in the universe, least of all my situation.

When doubt starts talking for you, in your own thoughts, saying things like: ‘This is my life, I have accepted that. There is nothing good, nothing special, nothing useful left in my future that God will do’

Speak back to yourself!

Wait, how could that be true? If God loves me, then He is still working in my life! What was I thinking!?!?