Rising Above The Darkness

Heaven More Than Life

I started to care about heaven, more than my journey through this life.

Along this journey of struggling, reading, listening and talking to God I realized something else was changing inside me.

I was starting to care… about Heaven.

Now what I mean by care is, actually care.

Not just pretend to care about Heaven.
Not just think to myself that I cared about Heaven.
Not just speak words to people like ‘I care about Heaven more than this life’.
But to actually, earnestly, longingly care more for my future life in Heaven, than my journey through this life.

Most of us will talk about caring and believe we care about things that we don’t actually truly care about. We just think we care about them or perhaps want ourselves to care about them.

But the reality is, you know what you care most about by:

What you think about.
What you reach for.
What you choose.
What you spend money on.
What you talk about.
What you work towards.

I personally think more about my morning coffee (mmm coffee… mmm… coffee… oops, sorry!) than I do my lunch.

I put more effort into buying coffee, grinding the beans and brewing it than I do planning and arranging my lunch.

Why? Because coffee is something I like and desire. And compared to lunch, coffee is more important!

I don’t actually think to myself ‘coffee is more important than lunch’.

But if you watch me, my choices, my activities and my planning you will quickly see that coffee is important and lunch is, not so much. I spend more time and effort on coffee than I do on lunch.

I actually found, and continue to find, myself more and more concerned and focused on how my life will be in Heaven.

Reason being life alongside God for billions and trillions of years throughout eternity is more valuable to me than the hundred or so years I have in this life, in a world invaded by darkness.

Sounds great, but how do I get to that emotional place!?

Unfortunately the only answer I have to that is … talk to God about it.

You see, thinking about Heaven, talking about Heaven, reading about Heaven are all good and important things.

But in the end it comes down to God and you working you through the process of changing your desires and the things you value most.

God wants to be part of your life, so you just need to start praying about it. Prayer is inviting Him in and asking Him to help you make this change.

This is one of those things where there are no seminars, no self help books, no special words to recite in prayer, no worship music to listen to, no specific church or pastor to visit.

It’s just God inside your heart.

Either you let Him in and ask for His help, or you don’t change. Plain and simple.

I should also note that you have to let Him change you. If you let Him in, but refuse to change… it will be a very long and bumpy journey I assure you.

We always have to remember that God’s desire is for us is:

To choose Him, not be controlled by Him.

So He will not force you to change, you have to let go of your old ways and trust that His new ways will still be wonderful inside you.

Stay tuned for:

I started to care about others, more than myself.