Rising Above The Darkness

Outlook Rather Than Attitude

It’s not about a positive attitude.

It’s about trusting God.

I don’t have to wake up and expect a good day, in order to have a good day. Infact I shouldn't. I need to just wake up and remember to thank the Lord. I need to remember to accept that whatever day He has planned for me is good and right and true. He is God after all isn’t he? He doesn’t make mistakes... ever!

If i set out expecting a good day, and its a rough day full of horrible or painful struggles. Or maybe just super stressful. Bitterness can grow along with it’s brothers and sisters: Resentment, doubt, anxiety and distrust.

None of those emotions are going to improve your relationship with God, or anyone else for that matter.

I should not expect my day to be anything but what God wants, because I am not in charge. I can’t expect or predict anything, i’m not all knowing, I have very little ability to truly influence the universe around me.

Sure I can wake up and have a positive attitude. I can wake up and say ‘I will have a good day’ in an effort to guide myself into having a good day. And in some ways that is a good thing. You certainly don’t want to wake up and say ‘This is going to be a horrible day’. Chances are if you do that, you just guaranteed yourself a bad day.

The problem with saying ‘I am going to have a good day’ is that you are subconsciously defining what a ‘good day’ is. Based on your perception, your hopes and dreams, what you think of as good. The reality is the day could be rough or even painful, but wonderful good could come from it. Good that God had planned, despite the struggles.

Like going in for surgery, it’s scary and stressful. And the surgery itself will be painful (that’s what the meds are for, to ignore the pain!). But afterwards your body will be better because you have been healed or the problem removed.

Or helping a friend through a tough time. It’s stressful, scary and emotional. But once your friend gets through those tough moments they have peace, relief and a reprieve. And you as someone who walked with them through that tough time will have the joy of seeing a friend get through something stressful. Even though the journey through the struggle was challenging.

If we are being honest it’s about contentment, not whether your attitude is positive or negative. I need to be content, if i have a ‘good’ day… or if I have a ‘bad’ day. Because God knew in advance what my day was going to be like. And He allowed it to go that way, for His purposes.

I choose to accept that, even rejoice in that (sometimes through clenched teeth...). Even in the tough stuff. Because I can have a bad day, but its for God’s glory…

After all doesn't that mean its actually a good day, if God is glorified?

Something to think about...

Of course that’s all fine and dandy, it doesn’t explain how to get to that place where a ‘bad’ day can bring a person to rejoicing. It isn’t an easy process, nor is it simple. I thought I could put it all here, but there is too much to communicate. So i’ll break each part down over the next 7 posts!

Forcing yourself to look at the good, not the bad.

Though it’s scary now, trusting that He must be up to something good!

Choosing, not just believing, that good will come no matter how long the wait.

Is there good already in front of me that my selfishness is keeping me from seeing?

Accepting that your perception is wrong, and God’s is right.

Choosing to serve God’s plans, instead of expecting God to serve you.

Speak truth into yourself and your morning. ‘Today will be God’s day, not mine’.