Rising Above The Darkness

It’s Not Your Sins

It’s not your sins that keep you from being able to help people.

It’s your attitude.

Just because you blew it last night and surfed some porn, told a lie, coveted something that wasn’t yours. Or maybe you idolized some hollywood personality instead of God or generally wasted 6 hours of your day locked inside your home doing nothing for anyone but yourself. None of that means God can’t use you to help and heal someone.

How could it? How could your sin prevent God from using you? If your sin prevented God from using you then that would mean your sin was greater than God or God was restrained by your sin. And neither of those things is possible. God holds back the universe, not the other way around. Now He can and will choose to do whatever He wants, but there is a difference between what He wills to happen and what is possible to happen.

However when you wake up in the morning after making mistakes and your attitude is like:

'I don’t care what God says, I am going to do what I want to do.'
or maybe
'I can’t stop myself, i’m such a screw up.'
or maybe even
'Whatever, there is nothing wrong with doing what I am doing.’

Those attitudes can certainly give God reason to avoid using you. Let’s be honest here. If your attitude is such, what good can you possibly do for other people except drag them down into your own darkness. You either don’t care or you aren’t in a place to communicate the hope of Christ, if you do not have any hope yourself.

So if you wake up in the morning ashamed, regretful and repentant. Remember God can and most likely will use you. Because you are humble, you are broken, you are real. And people can and will connect to those feelings. We have all felt them.

But if you wake up unconcerned, uncaring, angry, and selfish. Don’t expect God to use you for glorious things. Since your attitude, which is a reflection of your heart, does not resemble Jesus in any way.

After all you can’t spread the Gospel, if you don’t believe it...