Rising Above The Darkness

Looking at God’s Good

Forcing yourself to look at the good, not the bad.

This is another one of those things that sounds simple, yet is really hard to get a handle on.

Reason being that despite what you might think, this really isn’t about having a positive attitude. It might seem exactly like having a positive attitude. But it is actually founded in contentment and having a servants heart, rather than a ‘positive attitude’.

You see, when you are content you don’t really have a positive attitude or a negative attitude. You have peace. And when you have a good measure of peace, you can easily focus on God and see the things God is doing. Rather than what the world is doing. Or what you are doing for that matter.

For instance if a tornado rolls through and destroys a number of homes, but afterwards you find the whole community banded together to help with recovery. What do you focus on? The destruction and loss that the tornado caused, or God’s handiwork through the healing and the new relationships that were forged in the recovery?

Something to think about… which would you be focusing on?

Over and over again the Word of God reinforces on to us that stuff doesn’t last. Stuff rots, stuff rusts, stuff is eaten by moths, stuff doesn’t go with us after we die. Yet we continue to get stuck focusing almost entirely on the material stuff in our lives, whether it be belongings, activities or our life situation.

The reality is that stuff doesn’t become our legacy, however our impact on the world through relating and connecting with people does. We don’t take our bank account to Heaven with us. But our good works of faithfulness and loving people do get counted when we go before the Lord.

Yeah yeah, but how do you get to that place of peace?

Well prayer, asking God for help, will absolutely bring His loving hand into the situation and help you. And at the same time if you make the choice to stop your normal worldly thinking in the middle and search for the good God has done. You will be surprised that when you pay attention and give attention to the work God is doing, you will find yourself face to face with peace.

Yup, that’s it really.

Ask the big guy upstairs for help. i.e. Prayer!

Stop thinking and start seeing what God is doing.

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Forcing yourself to look at the good, not the bad.

Though it’s scary now, trusting that He must be up to something good!

Choosing, not just believing, that good will come no matter how long the wait.

Is there good already in front of me that my selfishness is keeping me from seeing?

Accepting that your perception is wrong, and God’s is right.

Choosing to serve God’s plans, instead of expecting God to serve you.

Speak truth into yourself and your morning. ‘Today will be God’s day, not mine’.